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Fabiano Severo Rodembusch

Principal Investigator

I'm an associate professor at the Institute of Chemistry at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil. Since 2000, I've been developing and participating in research in the areas of organic chemistry with emphasis on organic and supramolecular photochemistry. Currently, I'm working with organic synthesis, deactivation of excited states, proton transfer, fluorescent dyes, rare-earths elements, optical sensors, photoactive organic-inorganic hybrid materials, and stationary and time-resolved electronic spectroscopy.

Fabiano Santos.jpg

Fabiano S. Santos


Synthesis and characterization of photoactive hybrid materials and supramolecular fluorescent systems for application as optical sensors 


Louise K. Reimann

Ph.D student

Synthesis and characterization of photoactive compounds and fluorescent hybrid materials for bioimaging and sensing


Henrique de Castro Silva Jr.


Computational chemistry simulations for geometry, spectroscopy, and thermodynamics based on Density Functional Theory and ab initio multi-reference methods 


Natalí P. Debia

Ph.D student


Synthesis and photophysical study of amino acid derivatives containing fluorophores as potential sensors for chiral compounds in solution 


Natália G. Medeiros

Ph.D student

Fluorescent probes for mitochondria based on photoactive formyl derivatives with very large Stokes shift 


Priscila S. S. Wakabayashi

Ph.D student


Benzothiadiazole-based compounds with potential application in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells and Organic Light-Emitting Diodes


Bianca Thais Dalberto

Ph.D. student


Synthesis of polysubstituted aromatic compounds containing chalcogens, of synthetic, photochemical and pharmacological interest 


Lilian C. da Luz

M.Sc. student

Proton Transfer reactive formyl derivatives as building blocks for optical sensors 


Marcelo Marques Vieira

Ph.D. student


Ultrasound-promoted synthetic methodologies to obtain new photoactive compounds based on indolizine derivatives 


Víctor Zajaczkowski Pestana

M.Sc. student

Photoactive chitosan as a platform for the development of hydrogels with antifungal activity 

Victor - Copia.jpg

Vitor Presa Toledo

Undergrad student

Excited State Intramolecular Proton Transfer (ESIPT) compounds and their sensing application 

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